Goalkeeper Jerseys! Football World Cup Leaves Nike, Adidas, and Puma Fans Frustrated

Football World Cup jerseys
Football World Cup jerseys

Goalkeeper jerseys for the Football World Cup are notably absent from the product offerings of major sporting goods companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

These renowned brands cater to an extensive array of football jerseys, including special editions and warm-up jerseys for fans, and they have even expanded their merchandise to include apparel for professional women’s teams. However, the goalkeeper jerseys remain excluded from their collections specifically for the World Cup.

This issue has garnered attention, particularly in England, ahead of the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup. Mary Earps, Britain’s number one goalkeeper, expressed her frustration at Nike for not making her shirt available for sale, despite assurances that it would be offered after her team’s victory in the European Championship the previous year. Despite her efforts to engage with both the Football Association and Nike, no progress has been made.

In response to the outcry, Nike clarified that they are collaborating with FIFA and individual federations to determine the range of player jerseys, and availability depends on various factors, including demand in specific markets.

Adidas, the supplier for Earps’ club Manchester United and ten women’s national teams in the tournament, also does not have goalkeeper international jerseys for sale. However, they boast a significantly expanded product range compared to the last tournament. While Manchester United’s kit is available in various options, goalkeeper jerseys are exclusively reserved for the players on the field.

Puma, represented in the group stage of the World Cup by teams from Morocco and Switzerland, similarly lacks goalkeeper jerseys for sale in these countries, despite offering all other jersey variations. Puma explained that this decision lies with the respective clubs and associations, which independently decide which products to offer locally.