Shake Shack launches its first-ever retail collaboration

Shake Shack Fast Food
Shake Shack Fast Food

Shake Shack, the popular American fast food chain, is marking its ten-year anniversary in the UK with an exciting venture into retail collaboration. Teaming up with the renowned British culture brand Wavey Garms, Shake Shack is releasing its first-ever retail collection.

The collaboration features a limited-edition T-shirt, offered in black and white variations. The standout element is a graffiti-style hand-screen-printed design by Patrick Schmidt, depicting a man enjoying a delectable Shake Shack burger on the back of the shirt.

Andres Branco, the founder of Wavey Garms, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Before starting Wavey Garms, I began my journey as a chef, crafting burgers. Those experiences taught me valuable life lessons that have assisted me in building Wavey Garms over the past decade.

Now, after ten years of hard work, collaborating officially with Shake Shack demonstrates how dedication can yield results. We aimed to infuse the design with Wavey Garms’ distinct style, incorporating fashion references, graffiti, and a mischievous character relishing the burger.

The Wavey Garms x Shake Shack T-shirts can be purchased for £35 at Shake Shack locations throughout the UK and directly through the Wavey Garms website. This collaboration allows fans of both brands to celebrate their shared passion for culinary delights and fashion-forward aesthetics.